[KDrama – Lie To Me] Episode 6 Preview

Episode 6 Text Preview:

After So Ran asks Ah Jung when will she have the house warming party, Ah Jung asks Ki Joon to lend her his house but he tells her that it’s not included in the contract which irritates her and tells him do they only have to follow what is in the contract. Meanwhile, Sang Hee asks Ah Jung about her problem and she tells him that she needs a house which surprises him.

Ki Joon’s aunt sees some photos of KJ and AJ on the duck boat and was stunned to realize that his nephew married this girl. Yoon Joo meets with KJ’s aunt and KJ tells SH that YJ is back in Korea so he should call her. Ah Jung discovers that Ki Joon and Sang Hee are brothers when SH surprisingly calls KJ “hyung” while they were walking together. The ever bitter frenemy So Ran tells Jae Bum that he has to pretend that he’s happy with her whenever Ah Jung is around.

My favorite part is when Ah Jung finally gets a home she can use for the housewarming party with the help of Sang Hee and was shocked to see a serious looking Ki Joon at the door when she opened it.

I have two theories in mind about the ending scene of the preview. I think that Sang Hee told Ki Joon about the housewarming party and he goes there to help her and pretend in front of her friends or the house that Sang Hee lent Ah Jung was Ki Joon’s and that he’s not so into AJ’s idea of doing the party in his home.

The ratings last week were lower than the previous week and some attribute it to the slow pacing of the drama. I hope now that the two have started their “fake” marriage, more viewers will start watching it again. It’s not really impossible because it’s competitor drama Baby-Faced Beauty also has a very interesting storyline so it’ll be a healthy competition amongst the TV networks.

[Video source: yn1003 via YouTube] 


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