[KDrama – Lie To Me] Episode 7 Preview

Episode 7 Preview:

Episode 6 ends with the much awaited KISS between Ki Joon and Ah Jung. This is not just your ordinary kiss because they did it in front of her friends and Jae Bum. So the preview starts off with KJ’s aunt arriving at his home and asks him if he’s in the middle of a party. He tells her that they’re his friends but she quips why she’s never seen them before.

We see JB singing which embarrasses SR but KJ’s aunt loves it and was laughing. Ah Jung is running outside with KJ following her. She’s mad at him (maybe because of the KISS) and asks him why he was acting when she could’ve done the lying by herself.  KJ’s aunt is now suspecting that there’s something between KJ and AJ and we see Manager Park with KJ in an elevator and tells her that he swore he’d protect Sang Hee.

The couple went to see a movie and then goes to a bar for some drinks. AJ talking to somebody about how a person does childish or unexpected things like suddenly showing up at her house or calling to tidy up something. YJ asks KJ if they can start all over again since they didn’t really break up and the last scene shows KJ holding onto something in his hand while he runs around looking for someone.

The .gif photo above is a little fan service to all the LIARS (Lie To Me Fans) from me. I hope you didn’t have a heart attack or hyperventilated when you saw the kiss scene well as for me, I just woke up my husband who was sleeping because I screamed. I wonder what’s in store for us next week? The ratings is slipping and I really don’t know why but the kiss scene should serve as a big boost for the drama.

[Video source: yn1003 via YouTube]


6 thoughts on “[KDrama – Lie To Me] Episode 7 Preview

  1. wow .. i love it! i didn’t expect it either — love them already! Thank you for the preview ^^ Can’t wait til Monday – Tuesday get here!!!!!

  2. hahaha, don’t worry according to AGB Neilson Ratings, episode 6 which was aired last May 24 recorded a staggering 10.2% (nation) and 11.3 (Seoul), an increase of 1.3% from it’s last episode. Anyway do you have any idea what was the name of the song played during their hot kiss? i’m just curious just want to download it. hahaha. thanks@

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