[TV – We Got Married S3] WooJung Couple Episode 9 Preview

Episode 9 Preview:

Ooopppsss! You guys better finish what you’re about to do! This couple really has gotten very comfortable with each other because I have already seen them hold hands numerous times already and made it look normal for them. The video preview shows them on their camper driving to a resort where they’ll be staying. They’re both having so much fun as they try the water slide. We see Eun Jung opening her robe and shows Jang Woo what she’s wearing which is a bit shocking for me but anyway who cares, right? My most favorite scene is them trying the Peppero game which was also done by the couples in Season 1 of We Got Married during their Come To Play guesting.

Highlights from Episode 8:

1. Both were visibly surprised to see their new home since both were expecting it to be an apartment in one of the surrounding buildings but instead got a camper as their home and is located in a parking lot. Ham Eun Jung is visibly disappointed because it felt like they’re still camping. HAHAHA!

2. Lee Jang Woo gave his wife a stuffed toy which will complete their family.

3. He asks her to cook breakfast and she researched the recipe online. They went to the grocery to buy the ingredients. They were looking for items to decorate their home and ends up in the “Car Accessories” section.

4. Lee Jang Woo calling her “Yeobo” (Darling/Honey) a couple of times while she’s cooking.

[Video source: RampoKawaii via YouTube]


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