[TV – KDrama] SPOILER ALERT! Lie To Me’s “Cola Kiss”

Okay guys relax! No need to hyperventilate because it’s just a kiss but WHO CARES GO AHEAD AND SCREAM! We’re now being bombarded with one kiss after another and this time they take it a notch higher. This scene will be part of episode 8 and it was revealed that this happened when Ah Jung got drunk and went to Ki Joon’s home where she slept. Ki Joon teased her by shaking a bottle of 1.5L of cola and they kissed thus earning the name “Cola Kiss”.

This is one smexy kiss and look at how he restrains her hands so he can kiss her properly. The last kiss made a huge difference ratings-wise and I’m sure this will catapult the drama on top of the ratings board. This kiss was actually being compared side by side with Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won‘s infamous “Cappuccino Foam” kiss from the drama Secret Garden which was called the Kiss of 2010 while this one is called the Kiss for 2011.

Surely all the LIARS (Lie To Me fans) are very excited right now and is looking forward to tomorrow’s episode. As for me I only have one thing to say and that’s you’re one lucky woman Yoon Eun Hye!

[Source: nate.com/Video: yn1003 via YouTube]


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