[TWDrama – Drunken To Love You] Episode 8 Preview

Here’s the raw video preview for episode 8 of Taiwanese drama Drunken To Love You. Looks like wicked Kelly has come to torture and bully Xiao Ru at work and Jie Xiu finally has proven that the button was from Xiao Ru’s blouse. He also begins to suspect that she might be pregnant based on what he heard from her conversations with her friend Meng Jun while a drunk (?) Ai Wei makes her way into Jie Xiu’s room and on top of his bed.

I pity Jie Xiu because Ai Wei once again chose her career over him. She was already given the chance to tell the public the truth about their relationship but chose to lie more about it by accepting Ricky’s plan. I think that would be the last straw for Jie Xiu and he will definitely stick it out with Xiao Ru now that he suspects her to be pregnant. Let’s see what will happen as we await another week for episode 8.

[Video source: sugoitaishi via YouTube]


One thought on “[TWDrama – Drunken To Love You] Episode 8 Preview

  1. Gaah avril,she already do so much damage and still want to get away to jie xu’s bed?hope she can be gone in next chapter.eh what that bitch peggy want?already got that man and now want to torture xio ru?god she is more evil that avril.

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