[KDrama – Lie To Me] Episode 8 Preview

So after Ki Joon gets sick I suspect from eating the leftover food Ah Jung left for him, she now plays the doting wife preparing food and taking care of him while he is in the hospital. We see her outside his home yelling his name when he appears from behind asking her “what?”

Jae Bum is at Ah Jung’s home talking with her and her father. She and her dad were talking about her fake marriage when they see Jae Bum listening to them. Ki Joon and Sang Hee were talking/fighting about what SH wants but KJ doesn’t want to talk about it and leaves.

KJ’s aunt telling Yoon Joo if she’ll end up splitting the brothers who were orphaned at a young age but Yoon Joo tells her that whatever she says will not work this time. We see Ah Jung outside Yoon Joo’s apartment about to leave but walks back telling herself that she only wants to see her face and go but Yoon Joo arrives and so does KJ’s aunt.

The scene leading to the “cola kiss” is shown and we see Ah Jung on the bed shocked to see herself naked. The last scene is intriguing because we see Ah Jung, Ki Joon and his aunt sitting on a table when Yoon Joo arrives and the preview ends with a stunned Ki Joon.

Episode 8 will be the most awaited episode for this drama because we will be seeing the “cola kiss”. I am sure that the ratings will go up because of this so make sure you don’t miss it.


[Video source: yn1003 via YouTube]


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