[KDrama – Baby-Faced Beauty] Episode 11 Text & Video Preview

Episode 11 Text Preview:

진짜 나이를 밝힌 소영은 즉각 해고 된다.  진욱은 배신감과 충격에 분노를 터트리고, 소영은 너를 좋아했기 때문에 사실을 밝히지 못했다는 가슴 아픈 고백을 한다.
냉정히 돌아선 승일 역시, 그녀에 대한 자신의 진심이 무엇인지 혼란스러워한다.
한편 현이사와 백부장은 아웃도어 경합을 벌이게 된다.
백부장이 이끄는 디자인 5팀에 나타난 새로운 디자이너…
그녀는 바로…!

English Translation:

After So-young reveals her real age, she is fired immediately. Jin-wook explodes from the anger he feels by the betrayal and So-young tells him the reason she couldn’t say anything to him was because she liked him too much. With his back coldly turned against her, Seung-il is confused as to what So-young’s sincere feelings are. Meanwhile, Director Hyun and Manager Baek face an outdoor competition. On Manager Baek’s Design Team Number 5, a new designer…she’s our very own…!

Episode 11 Preview:


[Original Text and English translation posted by Q_Park via BFB Soompi Thread/Video source: Angel JangNaRa via Youku

5 thoughts on “[KDrama – Baby-Faced Beauty] Episode 11 Text & Video Preview

  1. Haha.I’m waiting for BFB,kinda not into LTM.its hard to find BFB recap,in my opinion much better in plot etc than LTM.haha well thats what I thought.

  2. I may not be in the majority group vying for Soe Young with Jin Wuk. Was hoping she would go for Seung-il. Hehe. My kind of hero. Anyway can’t wait for how it turns out. Jang Nara one of my fav actress.

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