[KDrama – The Greatest Love] Episode 10 Text & Video Preview

Actor Lee Seung Gi made a cameo appearance from last night’s episode which didn’t surprise me at all because the Hong sisters have a reputation for doing that. We saw Park Si Yeon (cast of Hong sisters’ drama My Girl) making an appearance earlier in the drama as an actress who joined the Couple Matching game. Who’s the next celebrity to do a cameo on the drama?

Episode 10 Text Preview:

필주는 애정의 손을 꼭 쥐며 편안하고 흔들림없는 필라인에 합류할 것을 제안한다. 초조한 마음의 독고는 애정의 집앞에 찾아가고, 소풍 전날이라 한껏 들떠있는 띵똥에게 심란한 자신의 심경을 털어 놓는다. 애정과 필주의 러브라인으로 커플메이킹은 연일 최고 시청률을 갱신하고, 세리는 세간의 이목과 필주의 진심 또한 애정에게 향하자 질투심에 불타 오른다. 한편 독고에게 헐리우드에서 다시 캐스팅 제의가 들어오고…

English Translation:

Pil Joo tightly grips Ae Jung’s hand, suggesting that she come over to the calm and unmoveable Team Pil Joo. Jin anxiously goes to Ae Jung’s house, telling the excited Ding Dong, who is going on a picnic tomorrow, about Jin’s confused feelings.

Ae Jung and Pil Joo’s romance sends the ratings for Couple Making Season 3 to new daily heights. Se Ri, facing the scrutiny of the public, Pil Joo’s sincere heart, and her jealousy at Ae Jung, is consumed by the burning in her heart. On the other hand, Jin receives another invitation to go to Hollywood for an audition.

Don’t Forget Me – Huh Gak TGL OST Part 5

Hold My Hand by IU TGL OST Part 4

[Original text & photo from iMBC translated to Chinese by TGL Baidu and English translation by ockoala/Video source: TheDanielleX07 via YouTube]


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