[KDrama – Lie To Me] Episode 10 Preview w/ Translation

OMO! OMO! This isn’t good! I’m sure the LIARS (Lie To Me fans) will once again hate Yoon Joo this time for making Ah Jung cry. I enjoyed watching Episode 9 because it’s now reversal of fortunes with Ki Joon running after Ah Jung. So thrilled when Ki Joon told Yoon Joo that he likes someone else and tries breaking up with YJ. I also like Sang Hee’s new hair he looked cuter than before.

The preview shows Ki Joon as he drags Ah Jung out of the hotel and they go somewhere to talk with him yelling at her why she keeps on showing up in front of him. She tells him something I didn’t understand then storms off leaving him alone. Looks like Manager Park knew KJ’s feelings for AJ and she urges him to follow his heart.

Sang Hee sees his brother who’s looking at AJ as she walks away and mutters to himself that it shouldn’t be happening twice to them (meaning they shouldn’t be liking another woman at once again). YJ and the aunt are talking about their wedding and YJ tells AJ she’s marrying KJ. AJ cries on the stairs while telling herself that she likes KJ and that KJ shouldn’t like her too.

English Translation:

Fight b/w KJ and AJ
KJ: You say it’s over yet you keep appearing! Are your excuses of work and dates what you refer to as being over?
AJ: Don’t you worry! You won’t see the sight of me ever again!

Conversation b/w KJ and YJ
YJ: i understand that your feelings can waver
KJ: i’m not wavering
YJ: no, you are wavering because i wasn’t here!

Manager Park to someone
Park: Don’t just look at the past Hyun Ki Joon of the previous 3 years. Look at the current Hyun Ki Joon.

Sang Hee to himself
SH: It can’t be it this time. You really can’t be doing this again. Right?

Aunty to KJ
A: Marriage. Say you can no longer wait, that you can no longer make her wait
KJ: We’ll talk about that amongst ourselves

YJ to AJ
YJ: Ki Joon oppa and I are getting married. I figured you should know for yourself, Ah Jung-ssi.

AJ to KJ
AJ: I like you. I’m saying I like you. And now since I like you, please don’t like her~

I Belong To You – MBLAQ (Lie To Me OST Part 3)

[English Translation by smr05 posted in LTM Soompi Thread/Video source: blinkzgalaxy2 via YouTube]

One thought on “[KDrama – Lie To Me] Episode 10 Preview w/ Translation

  1. omg!! married?! noooo!!

    AJ – poor girl.. I pity you.. 😦 fighting!!

    🙂 I like this plot.. go writters! 😀

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