[KDrama – Lie To Me] Episode 9 Preview

OMO! I guess she must’ve been hurt from what happened to her and Ki Joon that she has to vent it out on her hair and cut it. POOR AH JUNG! Anyway, the most anticipated preview is out and a kind-hearted soul translated the lines in English. Here it goes:

English Translation:

Ah Jung: I’m going crazy. It’s okay, it’s going to be okay.

Ki Joon: I hurt her like this. What could I have been thinking?

Manager: So you and Yoon Joo have started again?

Yoon Joo: Nothing had changed, it’s just like it was before.

So Ran: You can act all you want if it was just a pretense, but why did you have to mess with Ah Jung?

Ah Jung: Seeing him again, ottoke, what to do?

Ki Joon: So what kind of acting skills are you displaying this time? Do you want me to teach you?

Ah Jung: Stop jumping to conclusions. I’m just here for official work, it’s not acting.

Ki Joon: I don’t feel comfortable seeing you. Please leave here.

LTM OST 2 Midnight Passes – Kim Hyung Jun (SS501)

Lie To Me OST I Belong To You – MBLAQ

[English translation by ockoala/Video: yn1003 via YouTube]


10 thoughts on “[KDrama – Lie To Me] Episode 9 Preview

    • Hi Amy! I already posted my comment on YouTube and here’s what I wrote: “I’m starting to hate KJ but I think the reason why he’s so cold to AJ is because he’s guilty of what he’s done to her. He’s masking his guilt by treating her as if she’s nothing to him, as if they never had the Cola kiss 🙂 Thanks yn1003 for the videos! ” by 2happysworld2

      • oh yeah bulls eye. you’re absolutely right! I HATE KJ!!!!! >,< AJ FIGHTING!

  1. hi
    I follow his blog a few weeks and is always updated before others, so I liked it, congratulations. Dying to see the capitlo 9, lie to me


  2. I love this drama since I love YEH! I’m a big fans of her – her best performance was in coffee prince and goong (for sure). People who talk bad about her – well.. they can’t see how good she is.. 😀

    she deserves better man! 😀 hired WonBin to play as the third party for AJ.. 😀 I think it will be great match.. fight over one princess – i like that kind of plot! 😀

    • Hi Patricia! I hope you got the link where to watch Lie To Me with subs. You’re not the only one who told me they’d like Won Bin to play her blind date. thanks for the comments!

  3. episode 10 has been recorded yet? any preview for episode 11?? :))

    I waited like crazy.. Please.. I beg you to post something about this.. 😀 it’s okay if it’s raw!! LOL! I prefer to watch unknown language rather than nothing.. 😀


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