[KDrama – The Greatest Love] Episode 11 Text & Video Preview

Episode 11 Text Preview:

집 앞에 몰려든 기자들 덕분에 애정은 꼼짝없이 독고의 집에 갇히고, 자신을 잘 피해
서 도망가보라는 아리송한 독고의 말이 그녀는 그저 황당하기만 하다. 필주는 시상
식장에서 독고가 애정을 위해 장실장을 때렸다는 사실을 알고 씁쓸해하고, 세리는
독고에게 자신이 윤필주를 좋아하고 있음을 털어놓는다.

충전이 필요해 애정의 집을 찾아온 독고는 그녀의 방으로 잠입(!)하나, 썩 아름답지
않은 자태로 애정에게 발각되는데…

English Translation by alexus posted via TGL Soompi Thread:

Fortunately due to the reporters that gathered at the house AJ can’t go anywhere and is captive at Dokko’s house AJ is puzzled by Dokku’s words telling her to try to avoid him carefully and runaway which to her seemed totally absurd. PJ feels bitter when he finds out the truth that Dokku had beaten up Manager Chang for AJ’s sake, SeRi confesses to Dokku that she likes Yoon Pil Joo. 

Needing to be recharged, Dokku visits AJ’s place and infiltrates(!) her bedroom, but gets caught by AJ in a not so attractive appearance…

Hold My hand – IU (The Greatest love OST Part 4)

[Original text source: iMBC website posted by Dorothy Yap via TGL Soompi thread/Video source: blinkzgalaxy2 via YouTube]


4 thoughts on “[KDrama – The Greatest Love] Episode 11 Text & Video Preview

  1. Is it going to be small appearence from now on on phil joo?uhuhu want phil joo moar but I guess that wont be granted.rrrgh min ah!you should return the help ae jung did back then by announce the main reason back then so that ae jung can erase all her black image&surely shut se ri the hell up.

  2. The Greatest Drama of All The Greatest LOve___it is the best kdrama I’ve ever watched—because of this I got kdrama marathon last May watching full the secret garden, 49 days, Biscuit Teacher and candy Star and today—–Bi/ Rain Sang-doo Let’s go to school^^

  3. wow its just amazing…..cant wait for the episode11:-)
    its one of my best ,:-) there are many drama i started to watch but get bored after half of the episode is finished but this drama IS UNSTOPPABLE :-))

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