[TWDrama – Drunken To Love You] Episode 9 Preview

Here’s the raw video preview for episode 9 of the drama Drunken To Love You starring Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang. Jie Xiu’s suspicion that Xiao Ru might be pregnant becomes more intense as her friend Meng Jun gives him tips or clue about her friend’s condition.

A new character will be introduced and he is Xiao Gui who will play the role of Di Shuo Huai and I’m not sure what he’s role will be but I saw a picture of him with Xiao Ru sitting on a bench and her head is resting on his shoulder. I’ll verify the nature of his character then will post any updates or information that I get.

[Video source: fionarainie05 via YouTube]


5 thoughts on “[TWDrama – Drunken To Love You] Episode 9 Preview

  1. oh my god they have xiao gui who is one of raines ex boyfriends playing a love interest how interesting. wonder whats gonna happen next. let the fun begin.

    • Hi jadeddragon! Didn’t know Xiao Gui is famous, yeah I think he’ll be playing a character from Xiao Ren’s past not really sure what exactly. Thanks for the comment!

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