[KDrama – Lie To Me] Episode 10 Recap

This is for all the readers who sent me emails and messages asking for the recap of tonight’s episode. Here it is guys sorry but I can’t watch and type at the same time so I wrote down first what I saw then after the drama, I typed it on my PC’s notepad. This is the first time I watched the live streaming of Lie To Me and believe me it was so worth it. Love the scene where Ah Jung replays Ki Joon’s video message. The site where I watched it lagged a lot (maybe a problem with my ISP because it was raining outside) so I might be missing some important scenes.

Lie To Me Episode 10 Highlights:

AJ – Ah Jung
KJ – Ki Joon
YJ – Yoon Joo
SH – Sang Hee
SR – So Ran
JB – Jae Bum

The drama starts with AJ and her date ordering food and KJ entering the restaurant. KJ drags her to the elevator just as SH walks by after she goes to the comfort room. Manager Park and some of the staff saw the two of them holding hands when the elevator opens she tries to free her hand but KJ held it tightly. She calls her date to inform him that she needs to go because of an emergency.

So they went somehwre where KJ gets off the car and angrily shouts at her. He tells her why she keeps on appearing in front of him. She tries to explain that she’s on a date but he shuts her up by accusing her that she’s using her work and the blind date as an excuse. He asks her if it’s the last time and why she has to do the date at his hotel. She tells him that he doesn’t have to worry since it’s going to be the last time he’ll see her.

AJ leaves while muttering to herself that he could’ve just told her that in the hotel so why does he have to drag her all the way here where people might misunderstand their actions. She gets hit by a ball and starts crying then KJ comes over and asks her if she’s okay. She tells him I LIKE YOU and that he shouldn’t like her (referring to YJ). KJ tells her not to keep what she feels inside and let it out. She asks him if he can only like her, he tells her that he just wants to make sure that YJ isn’t hurt.

YJ remembers her conversation with KJ about him liking somebody else and the part where he just looked at her when she asked if it’s AJ. YJ meets Manager Park and asks her what happened to AJ & KJ but she tells her that she doesn’t know anything about KJ’s personal life. She also informs YJ that KJ is having a hard time now. Manager P tries her best so that YJ and AJ don’t meet inside the hotel and calls KJ to tell him not to date inside the hotel and gives him an advice about doing the right way in hurting someone.

KJ meets YJ and tells her that he got worried because she didn’t call him. YJ asks him if AJ likes him to which he said yes. She kept on telling him that his feelings are wavering because of the 3 years they weren’t together. But KJ says he isn’t wavering but because he really like the person (AJ). He told her that he’ll wait ’til she’s gotten over him and YJ cries.

AJ is in the hotel working when SH calls and asks her to come out and offers to buy her food. They meet at the park and he gave her a monkey stuffed toy. He says it looks like her especially the eyes, nose and tummy. She hits him and thinks it’s cute since the monkey wears a diaper. He then tells her that the date didn’t go well or the guy didn’t like her and starts commenting about her not being charming at all. AJ pretends that she is hurt but thanks him for the monkey. YJ looks at the engagement ring and puts it on. She remembers the scene where KJ was running to the rooftop to see her and shows the ring.

YJ goes to KJ aunt to apologize and the latter apologizes to her too and AJ. YJ tells her that she wants to get married but the aunt asks if KJ wants to marry her. YJ said she waited for 3 years and couldn’t wait any longer. The aunt tries to talk to her but didn’t finish their conversation. Aunt goes to her room and thinks about the day when she asked the 3 in a restaurant. She got curious why KJ got mad at her and why AL acted like that so she asks someone to investigate AJ. The aunt meets KJ to tell him that she apologized to YJ and that she wants to get married. KJ tells her that he’ll take care of the issue.

YJ goes to AJ office and she tells her that she needs to be back quickly so YJ tells her that she and KJ are getting married and that she’s telling her that because KJ told YJ that AJ likes him. AJ walks away and calls KJ and told him that she has to forget and will he brag about her liking him. She tells him why he told that to YJ when she said not to. She hangs up on him.
AJ was still in the office when KJ shows up and asks to speak with her but she just storms off. Her officemates guessed the man is KJ. AJ is eating together with her officemates while KJ is on another table eating too. He offers to pay for their meal much to their delight. AJ starts drinking a lot even if her officemates tell her not to so she goes off alone but KJ goes after her fueling her officemates speculations about the rumor that AJ is secretly married.
She tried calling someone but she fell so KJ tells her to be careful. She tells him again how could he tell YJ about her liking him but he explains that it was just a misunderstanding. She gets in the cab and leaves KJ alone holding her mobile phone.

AJ was walking home but KJ is already sitting on “their” bench waiting for her. She asks him why he’s there but he only gave back her phone. He tells her that he wants to see her home and tells her his nickname and that he’s charming, responsible and good looking HAHA. She asks if she is that kind of guy and said if he is then why did he have to tell YJ about her liking him. He calls her name softly and she panicked then runs away saying not to call her name like that, he just watched her smiling when Sang Hee suddenly appears from behind not happy with what he’s seen. SH is in the playground thinking back to all his memories with AJ and tells himself not to do it, not to do it again. SR meets with her friends telling them she has a secret, the friends thought it was about AJ but she didn’t mention any.

AJ remembers the way KJ called her and repeats it. She looks at her mobile phone and sees KJ’s picture as her background. She zooms in on his face and lips and turns out he left a video message too asking her if she’s awake and why she has to drink too much. She starts talking to his face about him calling her name and keeps repeating and listening to it. SR and her friends get friendship rings and thanks them. She also bought AJ a ring. JB goes to AJ house where he finds her sleeping in the garden. He asks her if she didn’t really marry KJ and tells her that he’ll do something to KJ. She falls and he fell beside her and pushes him off because SR is there. SR leaves the ring box and leaves crying with JB running after her. AJ looks at the box and finds the ring.

KJ goes to YJ’s home and tells her not to see AJ anymore. She thought that he was worried and that the reason why she met AJ is because she wants to tell her to leave her man alone and not to meet him. She wants to beg but she didn’t want to do that so she lied about marrying him. He asks her for some time alone and leaves while YJ cries. SH tries to finish his art project but can’t do it so he drinks with SB. He asks him why does his brother like the girl he likes? He’s so guilty by breaking KJ and YJ that he cried. AW POOR SH! KJ and AJ crossed paths in the resort and her officemates asks her about their relationship to which she said nothing. The minister arrives in the resort and AJ got really nervous she walks outside but not before riding an elevator with Manager P and KJ.

AJ was practicing her speech when she sees Chen so she runs off then calls KJ telling him that Chen is back and is in the resort. He didn’t believe her and calls his assistant to confirm it. They both meet and she is really nervous because Chen thinks that she is married to KJ and that the minister is also in the resort. He tells her not to worry because he will take Chen out to meet a friend. So AJ starts her speech while KJ’s staff including manager P were scattered in the hotel with a photo of Chen looking for him. AJ ends her speech and bows with a delighted minister looking at her.

Manager P calls KJ telling him they found Chen and he tells her that he’ll be there. The minister congratulates AJ for doing well when Chen spots her together with the minister. Turns out the minister and Chen are friends. The minister asks if AJ got married because he didn’t know it and asks her again but AJ remembers her boss telling her not to do anything that would embarrass the country so she told the minister that she’s married but KJ comes in telling them she’s not married/they haven’t gotten married yet.

A scene where AJ is rummaging her bag and sees her World Hotel pen (and she even has a bottle of Coke inside the bag – talk about adverstising!). She looked like she just cried and I’m wondering why?


[Live Streaming site: http://wwitv.com/tv_channels/b6145.htm/Video source: blinkzgalaxy2 via YouTube]

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7 thoughts on “[KDrama – Lie To Me] Episode 10 Recap

  1. i don’t think its the preview even though i was hoping that they would. because she has long hair in that short clip. ?

  2. i also believe that this not the preview for ep11.she had longer hair in this clip.geez, i never thought i would ever wait for monday to come~! deym..ahhahah

  3. its a mess in every aspec and I don’t see chemistry except 2people had hot kiss scene which anybody can do it.sorry for LTM fans but I’m so not like this drama,stop at ep 3 and try to watch till ep 4 but end up ff it,whats good to watch it a one hour show end up watch it in one minute.I see YEH in goong and this have no different.wish she can be nature in her acting like GHJ which I enjoy each her dramas,not a beauty queen but she makes me comfortable and felt her character.
    I do hope LTM getting better but I don’t think it will judging by how the show headed.its just my opinion because I have high expectation then get major dissapoiont after watching&read recap.

    • Hi erikaoi! I am reading a lot of negative comments about this drama mainly because the plot is unsteady with no definite direction dragging the story further. Maybe that’s the reason why it’s not really doing great in the ratings game with another drama Baby-Faced Beauty sometimes overtaking the top spot. As for me, I’m enjoying their chemistry especially the first parts of the drama when they were still bickering and pretending.

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