[KDrama – The Greatest Love] Episode 12 Text & Video Preview

Episode 12 Text Preview:

늦은 밤 독고집으로 소풍을 간 두 사람! 그러나 술취한 재석이 촉촉 아련한 눈빛으
로 들이닥쳐 분위기를 깨어놓고, 독고는 재석의 입을 막으랴 애정의 눈치를 보랴 정
신없다. 필주에 대한 미안함이 점점 커져가는 애정은 아파서 결근했다는 소식을 전
해듣고 직접 문병을 간다.

필주는 우연히 독고의 주치의인 정박사와 사석에서 만나게 되고, 독고의 심장에 뭔
가 심상치 않은 문제가 생겼음을 눈치챈다. 한편 애정은 섹션티비 연예통신의 대타
리포터로 발탁되는데…

English Translation by celest1al posted via TGL Soompi Thread:

The two of them proceed to go on a picnic at Dokko’s home even though it’s late! However, a very drunk Jae Seok (assistant) barges in with teary eyes and ruins the mood. Dokko is too distracted because he is busy trying to keep Jae Seok from revealing the truth (about his heart) to Ae Jung. Ae Jung’s guilt towards Pil Joo continues to increase, and she decides to visit him when she hears he called in sick to work.

Pil Joo runs into Dokko’s doctor by chance, and figures out that there might be something seriously wrong with Dokko’s heart. Ae Jung, on the other hand, gets chosen as the (stand in?) reporter for Section TV’s “Entertainment (??)”

Hold My hand – IU (The Greatest love OST Part 4)

[Original text source: iMBC website posted by Corrine Tan via TGL Soompi thread/Video: ILoveYouSolWillDo via YouTube]


3 thoughts on “[KDrama – The Greatest Love] Episode 12 Text & Video Preview

  1. Oh my.poor phil joo.just this once gave 2nd lead the lady.idk why,the drama so good but my heart ache for PJ that I don’t want Jin get AJ.I sympathy him but not love him as big as PJ.haha going to be hate by CSW fans.

    • Hi Nikki! I like the two men for Gong Hyo Jin because they bring out a different Ae Jung when she’s with them. I LOVE CSW as Dok Ko Jin and he’s hilarious and has a great sense of humor. I’m really not sure what will happen in the next remaining episodes since Dok Go Jin’s heart condition is put in the spotlight in tonight’s episode.

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