[KDrama – City Hunter] Episode 7 Text & Video Preview w/ subs.

Episode 7 Text Preview:

나나는 세희와 함께 있는 윤성의 모습을 보고 얼음처럼 굳어버리고.
그 자리를 빠져 나온 나나, 윤성의 전화에 계속 수신거부를 누른다.
한편, 영주는 해외 입국자 CCTV를 토대로 진표에게서 수상한 기운을 감지하고 그를 찾아가는데…

English translation:

Upon seeing the image of Yoon Sung with Se Hee, Nana freezes like ice. Afterwards, Nana continues to put Yoon Sung’s calls into blocked call. Meanwhile, Young Joo senses something off about Jin Pyo, based on the CCTV footage of people entering S. Korea and with that he goes to see Jin Pyo.

So Goodbye – Jonghyun of Shinee (City Hunter OST Part 2)

Cupid – Girl’s Day (City Hunter OST Part 3)

[Text source & translation posted by dramaok at CH Soompi Thread/Video source: xkdramas via YouTube]

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