[KDrama – Lie To Me] Episode 12 Text & Video Preview

Episode 12 Text Preview:

아정은 짐을 풀다가 가방 속에서 티아라가 나온다. 윤주를 만나고 온 일로 잠시 무거운 표정으로 손에 들고 본다. 아정의 휴대폰으로 문자음 들리고, 휴대폰 확인해 보면 기준에게서 온 문자 ‘잘 자라. 내 꿈꿔.‘ 아정은 기준에 대한 믿음으로 미소짓고 답장을 보낸다.‘어서 자요. 꿈속에서 보게.‘ 아정은 인형 머리 위에 티아라를 올려둔다. 한편, 현회장과 기준, 박매니저 그리고 월드그룹 이사 몇 명이 있고 첸회장과 첸회장의 사람들이 테이블을 사이에 두고 앉아 있다. 양쪽 모두 결과에 흡족한지 화사한 분위기다. 하지만 기준의 표정이 어둡기만 하다. 일동 박수를 치면 가볍게 목례를 하는 현회장. 회의를 마치고 자리에서 일어나려는데, 기준이 갑자기 자리에서 일어나 첸회장을 바라본다. 뭔가 하고 기준을 주시하는 사람들!

English translation by ockoala:

Ah Jung goes back to her house and discovers a little crown in her bag. Because she has just come from seeing Yoon Joo, her face is dark with worry when she sees this. Suddenly Ah Jung gets a text on her phone, and it’s from Ki Joon who says “Sweet dreams, remember to dream about me.” Ah Jung smiles and texts him back “Hurry up and go to sleep, let’s meet in our dreams.” Ah Jung puts the small crown on top of her stuffed animal.

On the otherhand, Aunt, Ki Joon, Chairman Chen from Shanghai, Manager Park, and the directors of the World Group have all gathered around a table to sign the contract. Both sides are pleased with the partnership, but Ki Joon looks solemn. Once the meeting concludes and everyone applauds, Aunt gets up to leave when suddenly Ki Joon stands up and stares at Aunt, leaving everyone curious about what he’s about to do.

KJ asked AJ to meet him tomorrow, AJ said she’s busy, KJ said even though she’s busy they should still meet..

Someone’s CAN NOT spend a day without seeing someone’s face..

KJ told her aunt in front of everyone that he doesn’t want to get married yet, his aunt asked why..

AJ & KJ showed up together at the restaurant, SH asked them how did they came together

YJ came and saw them talking and laughing over something..

SH break down and cry, he told YJ eventhough he doesn’t want to say this, but he’ll help his hyung..

YJ asked AJ, a person that she thought was hers until she died,

snatched away by somebody else, did AJ understand that kind of feeling, how she felt..

AJ said she should understand YJ’s feeling?

KJ told YJ, even though he’s tired, having a hard time, just like her

but he expect her to accept his decision

Lovin Ice Cream – As One and EZ-Life (Lie To Me OST)

I Belong To You – MBLAQ (Lie To Me OST Part 3)

[Video English translation by link02 posted in LTM Soompi Thread/Video source: yn1003 via YouTube]


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