[KDrama – The Greatest Love] Episode 14 Preview

Episode 14 Text Preview:

다시 두근두근 뛰게 하라고 널 만난 거야!
자신을 엮어 이 상황을 벗어나라는 독고! 애정은 절대 그럴 수 없다며 홀로 기자회견
장에 들어선다. 애정의 파격 발언으로 상황이 더욱 악화되자, 독고는 자신의 심장 수
술을 기사화 시켜 이 상황을 다 덮어 버리자고 제안하고…
한편 필주 덕분에 드디어 한 자리에 마주한 세리와 미나.
국보소녀의 해체에 대한 모
든 진실을 처음으로 얘기하기 시작하는데…

English Translation by ockoala:

I just wanted to let my heart thump again so I decided to pursue you.

Jin sells himself out so that Ae Jung can escape this dilemma, but Ae Jung refuses to accept this so she goes to the press conference by herself. Jin sees that Ae Jung’s explosive statements have made things worse, so he suggests using his heart surgery as news to cover up Ae Jung’s scandal. On the other hand, thanks to Pil Joo, Se Ri and Mina finally meet face-to-face, and the truth about why the Treasure Girls disbanded is finally revealed……..

Don’t Forget Me – Huh Gak (The Greatest Love OST Part 5)

[Original text source: iMBC website/Video source: 2happysworld2 via YouTube]


2 thoughts on “[KDrama – The Greatest Love] Episode 14 Preview

  1. GUYS please pass
    …Im asking for your HHHHHHEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP………………….
    Let us all join forces….let us sing the National anthem of the heart THUMP..THUMP…. together with Ae Jung….PLS…dont ignore this plea…this will help alot and not to forget your PRAYERS……………………this is for Dokko Jin!!!!
    ignoring this will bring bad luck for you for 7 years..

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