[Celebrity News] “The Han Ye Seul-Spy Myung Wol Drama”: A Timeline of Events

As of this writing, Korean actress Han Ye Seul is not yet back to shooting this week’s episodes for her rom-com Spy Myung Wol. The news about the actress’ refusal to report for the drama’s filming shocked and saddened both the actress’ and the drama’s fans.

Various news agencies have published numerous reports regarding this issue and I have decided to post a timeline of events that would chronicle what really happened. Here it is:

  • Date: July 21, 2011
  • Source: Star News via Nate [Click here for the article]

–  News of Han Ye Seul being a “diva” on the set of her drama Spy Myung Wol was posted online. According to a production staff, the actress is demanding for a “5-days-a-week shoot” and is also being inconsiderate by either leaving the set early or reporting late for the shoot. Although this news was later denied by her agency and by a representative from the production company, those who have read this article by now may have made the connection to the present events.

  • August 12, 2011

– The actress’ call time is at 6:30 AM but she arrived at the set around 3:30 PM, meaning the whole cast and crew waited for her for 9 hours.

  • August 13, 2011

– The actress arrived at the set but the filming which was scheduled to end at 2:00 AM was extended and ended the next day (August 14) at 5:00 AM.

– It was also reported that the actress has expressed her concern over the shooting schedule and have already informed the drama’s PD personally that she won’t report for the shoot which is scheduled at 7:30 AM.

  • August 14, 2011

– News that Han Ye Seul failed to report for her scheduled call time of 7:30 AM was posted online and that the entire cast and crew waited for her to show up until 11:00 AM but she didn’t come. The entire production team were worried since only 40% of the scenes for this week’s episodes were shot and that they may not have enough scenes to use for this week’s airing. Click here for the article.

– Sidus HQ, the actress’ agency released a statement saying the actress is not in good health condition and needs to rest due to the toxic shooting schedule. They also said that she’ll be back once her condition gets better. Click here for the article.

– Representatives for both KBS and the actress had a meeting and that an insider tells the media that the 2 sides were not in parallel thinking meaning no agreement has been made.

– The actress still hasn’t shown up at the set prompting KBS and the production team to conduct an emergency meeting to discuss their next step and decided to air a special episode. Click here for the article.

  • August 15, 2011

– The actress still hasn’t shown up at the set. A representative also said that should the actress fail to fulfill what is in the contract (unable to complete filming the drama) then they’ll be forced to file a criminal case against her. Click here for the article.

– A new development concerning the actress’ refusal to shoot the drama is because she wants to change the PD. It was revealed that the actress and PD Hwang In Hyeok have been at odds from the start and that the actress have consistently asked to improve the filming environment and re-arrange her schedule. In response to her request, KBS added another PD but PD Hwang still has the final word with the production. Click here for the article.

– News of Han Ye Seul being spotted at Seoul’s International Airport and booked for a flight to the United States spreads in Twitter and SMS. She was reportedly using her american name “Leslie Kim” and will take the 15:00 Korean Airways flight KE0017 bound for Los Angeles where her parents lives. People at the airport saw her at the foreign exchange booth and at the airport’s lounge with an unidentified male companion. Click here for the article.

– The latest news is that KBS and the production team have decided to replace Han Ye Seul with a new actress, identity still unknown (I hope they get Ha Ji Won as her replacement because she’ll totally nail the role of Myung Wol) and proceed to finishing the drama since its lead actress Han Ye Seul has fled to the US to be with her mother. Click here for the article.

– The production company in charge of Spy Myung Wol and Sidus HQ will sue Han Ye Seul to a reported 10 billion won criminal case for obstruction of business if the actress fail to show up at the set until 12:00 AM of August 16. An official claims that the actress was in fact the party being favored by the management and that her schedule still allowed her to shoot for CFs and movies while filming the drama. Click here for the article.

So with Han Ye Seul totally abandoning her role as Myung Wol by flying to Los Angeles, it means that she’s also throwing away her flourishing career in Korea. She’s not the only one affected because her management agency will also be under fire for their inability to swiftly settle things between their talent and KBS.

I felt really sad because the entire production crew and other casts like Eric, who I heard was on standby for almost 24 hours was unable to sleep because of the uncertainty the “crisis” has brought to the drama which by the way is his comeback project. Now I’m really puzzled as to why Han Ye Seul behaved like that, totally unprofessional and uncalled for.

I’m sure she has her reasons and I totally agree how toxic and grueling filming a Korean drama is especially if it’s not a pre-filmed drama but she should’ve thought of the other co-stars and the entire crew. In my opinion, there’s still ways to settle any conflicts and that meeting halfway would be a better alternative. Her fans and supporters are still waiting for her to release a statement explaining her side but I don’t think it will come much sooner.

[Source: Different news agency posted via NATE]


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10 thoughts on “[Celebrity News] “The Han Ye Seul-Spy Myung Wol Drama”: A Timeline of Events

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  3. han ye seul will be coming back to korea on the flight on aug 17th 2011, and will be continuing filming, however she has to apologize towards her crew and company for taking such actions.
    and it turns out the only reason she went to L.A is b.c she had problems with the PD and wanted to chnge in the past as well however eric was the one to always solve this problem, he was also the one to convince han ye seul to return to korea…
    Poor Eric, it was his comeback drama and he has to go through a lot. i hope Han Ye Seul will apologize to the media for her actions as well as Eric for making him go through difficult times b.c of her.
    Spy Myung Wol will continue to air as Han Ye Seul promises to return however the company is still suing her b.c of their loss.

  4. This situation is more entertaining than the drama itself..Her drastic decision to fly back to America when the issue is not resolve is making the situation worsen. I think she’s not think straight & clearly..We as an outsider should give her time..Maybe she need space to relax her mind..Cheers HAn Ye Seul!!!

    • @nana: I agree with you! But what she did could affect her future projects. I think the next time she signs up for a drama, it should be a post-filming type or better specify in her contract the “5-days shoot per week” rule she wants.

  5. Hi, happy22qt , thank you for the timeline of the Han Ye-seul incident. At this turning point I am more than happy as she’s coming back to the filming-set. You might already read Eric’s long tweet, and I agree with him there’s no ones completely wrong or right in this situation. Just cross my fingers for the success of the rest of the show.

    Because you make it clear with the source articles, it’s very helpful to track the news. May I post your link to my blog? Btw, I write my blog in Vietnamese, but of course properly credit goes to you at the end of my post about this incident.

    Many thanks in advance.

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  7. I’m so eager to watch the show, but I’ll spare a thought for the people filming! Don’t be late again, hAn Ye SeUl!!! Go! Go! Go! FIGHTING! To all the crew members and people filming :’)

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