[KDrama – Scent of a Woman] Episode 13 Highlights/Recap + Boiling Kiss Video

I got so excited about the “boiling” kiss and bed scene between Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook that I actually watched the live streaming tonight. I first used the Wubisheng site but it lagged so much I lost around 10-20 minutes of the episode so I switched to TVU network and it was so smooth it never lagged even for a second. Please bear with me if you notice that I skipped some of the scenes, So here it goes:

Episode 13 Highlights:

Ji Wook got in an accident because he was trying to protect/save Yeon Jae from getting hit by a car. The next is the hospital scene where the doctor is talking to Yeon Jae and she was really sad. Ji Wook woke up and the first person he saw was Se Kyung and his dad.

He goes home while Yeon Jae and Mr. S (the teacher) were in a cafe talking and it looks like he has already forgiven her. She goes to the hospital and talked to the doctors explaining her treatment (not really sure what it is).

That night, she goes to Ji Wook’s house where he sees him sulking at the garden near the gate. They’re both sad and she looked concerned.

Ji Wook sees Eun Seok and they talked about Yeon Jae’s condition. I think Ji Wook told him that he’ll take care of Yeon Jae and he’ll never leave her because Eun Seok was like teary-eyed (like he knew he just lost his first love) when he called her after Ji Wook left.

Ji Wook goes to Yeon Jae’s home where she showed him around including her bedroom. She went to the kitchen to get him something and when she came back, she saw him lying on her bed his eyes closed. She calls his name but he didn’t respond so she sits on the edge of the bed and pokes him (verifying if he’s asleep). He stretches his right arm and motions for her to lie on the bed. They just cuddled up. SWEET!

Yeon Jae’s former department went out for drinks and karaoke. Ji Wook and his subordinates were already there and Ji Wook keeps on checking his watch as if waiting for someone. Turns out he invited Yeon Jae over and I love the way they steal glances at each other smiling like teenagers in love.

The employees asks for Ji Wook to sing and he obliges but when he was at the stage he made an announcement. He said that he wants to sing along with the one he loves mentioning Yeon Jae’s name. The employees were all shocked (especially the female employees) while Hye Won was all smiles happy for the couple.

They sing a song with the line I Love You and flashback of their scenes together were shown. It was so touching and Yeon Jae was crying while singing. Ji Wook was looking at her the whole time.

Yeon Jae again goes to the bakeshop where Mr. S (the teacher is working) and gives him a note. While the female employees at Yeon Jae’s former department were talking about Yeon Jae and Ji Wook’s relationship when the General Manager hears them and reports it to Ji Wook’s dad. His dad got mad and immediately goes to his home where we see Ji Wook preparing for food because Yeon Jae is coming over.

His father was so mad he slaps him and Ji Wook cries and kneels in front of his father grabbing his legs asking him to understand his decision. News of their romance reaches Se Kyung and she meets Yeon Jae in a cafe where she angrily doused her on the face with a glass of water.

Yeon Jae arrives at his home and sees him on the floor, she quickly comforts him and in a spur of the moment their eyes met and kissed.

They slowly lay on the bed kissing and touching and BAM! the bed scene is over with them curling on the bed. Yeon Jae goes home and her mother scolds her for not telling her whereabouts. Her anger dissipates when Yeon Jae tells her that Ji Wook will meet her at home.

Yeon Jae’s mom and Mr. S met and I think they’ve patched things over because Mr. S saved his number on her phone. I have a feeling that they’ll end up together in the coming episodes.

Ji Wook talks to his father and I think was told that if he chooses Yeon Jae then he’ll be disowned or resign from his position. He was at his office in deep thought and submits his resignation to his father.

Yeon Jae and her mother were busy preparing food when the door bell rings and Yeon Jae opens the door thinking it was Ji Wook but BAM! sees his father instead surprising Yeon Jae.

[Screen cap source: TVU network streaming site or as tagged/Video source: Tudou posted at Kim Sun Ah’s Baidu bar uploaded by 2happysworld2 via YouTube]

You Are So Beautiful – Xiah Junsu (Scent of a Woman OST Part 2)

You and I – MBLAQ (Scent of a Woman OST Part 1)

Better Tomorrow – SHES (Scent of a Woman OST Part 2)


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