[KDrama – Scent of a Woman] Episode 14 Highlights/Recap

Death is one thing that everyone of us fears and we have different opinions and approach to this subject. I was lucky enough to see the entire episode, again thanks to TVU for the flawless streaming. I’m only posting the highlight scenes from episode 14 so here it goes:

Episode 14 Highlights:

Ji Wook’s dad was at the door and tells Yeon Jae that he knows who she is. Her mom asks him to go inside but Yeon Jae said they’ll talk outside. He tells her the hurt and pain Ji Wook will feel if she dies. How he’ll ruin him if they continue dating and asks her to end it now. Yeon Jae kneels while crying saying sorry because she can’t break up with Ji Wook and tells him that she’ll make sure he doesn’t get hurt.

Ji Wook is at home and when he looked at his bed remembers their lovemaking. He shakes his head to dismiss the thought. (PERVERT!) While Se Kyung was drinking and goes to Ji Wook’s home drunk. They had a confrontation and she gets angry and slaps him when he insists for her not to come to his house. She tells him that he can go out with Yeon Jae and that she’ll wait for him because she heard she only has a few months to live which angers Ji Wook.

Yeon Jae who was at home pondering on the fact that Ji Wook is jobless gets a call from him saying they’re going somewhere. He fetches her at home and goes to this beautiful house. He tells her that he’s moving in this house with her and starts telling her the of benefits of living in that house.

Yeon Jae tells him to get in the car because they’ll be looking for the “son” she lost and ends up in a day care. I love this particular scene especially Ji Wook’s reaction to a boy who pooped his diaper. Yeon Jae was amused at his reaction and at some point got teary eyed when the nanny from the day care told them that they look like a family.

They were sitting under a tree and Yeon Jae talks about him quitting his job and that she has talked to his father about it. She tells him to go back to work and that she wants to live with her mom.

Yeon Jae’s mom is looking at herself in the mirror when Yeon Jae tells her to make time tonight because Ji Wook is coming over to say hello. Mother gets excited and they went to the grocery to buy food.

Meanwhile, Ji Wook is busy choosing what to wear. He arrives with a bouquet of flowers for Yeon Jae’s mom and the dinner scene was funny because she cooked a lot of food and I think the meat was tough. She tells her that she doesn’t want his dad to mistreat her daughter and asks if he is confident.

Ji Wook again at home thinks of ways to make Yeon Jae’s mom approve of a jobless guy like him and calls someone asking for advice. The next day, Ji Wook arrives at YJ moms work and starts looking at the jackets to buy clothes. YJ mom comes home with plastic bags from her work, turns out Ji Wook bought them jackets.

Ji Wook drives her to the hospital and talked in the car asking him to go back to work and that she doesn’t want him to see her getting the treatment. She tells him that he shouldn’t focus on her only. As Yeon Jae walks towards the hospital, Ji Wook calls her and they hug. That’s the scene Hee Joo and a somewhat jealous Eun Seok witness as they made their way outside.

Se Kyung goes to the hospital and sees Yeon Jae from afar in her hospital gown and an IV. She was crying and she’s stopping herself from confronting Yeon Jae so she leaves. Hee Joo was happy because she’s with her mom and Yeon Jae looks at her envious that she has someone with her while getting the treatment. Eun Seok visits Yeon Jae and Hee Joo in their room and tells HJ mom to talk outside. Turns out Hee Joo’s condition worsened and her mom started crying.

Hee Joo goes outside and sees Eun Seok sitting at the bench. She tells him that Yeon Jae knows about his feelings because she told her. He tells her he’s not mad and that it’s a good thing since he kept it for so long. Hee Joo asks him for a favor because she has a feeling she might not come back to the hospital.

The favor was for them to dance the tango so Eun Seok obliges and in the garden they danced. I love it how HJ lay her head on his chest and ES hugging her. She was so happy she was crying.

I knew it! YJ mom and Mr. S went on a date and watched an animated movie. YJ mom cries at one scene and he offers her his hanky.

Eun Seok goes to Yeon Jae’s room and gives her back the book and said he should’ve given it back a long time ago. He tells her not to mind about what Hee Joo told her. He goes to his colleagues home and gives him the dog when he receives a call and quickly goes to the hospital.

Hee Joo was in the emergency room. She looked very ill and reaches for his hand but when he squeezes it she flat-lined. He tries to revive her but her mom doesn’t want it anymore so he stops. Hee Joo was dead.

He got so affected and emotional that he languidly walked through the hallway, slumped on the floor and cried. Yeon Jae goes to the nurse’s station and sees a nurse crying. She learns of Hee Joo’s death and goes to see her mother. She cries in front of Hee Joo’s photo and remembers what she told her before she went home.

Yeon Jae looks for Eun Seok and sees him in a daze sitting on the floor. She comforts him and they were both crying. She goes to his office the next day to find it empty and his colleague tells her he didn’t report for work and that he’s acting strange lately.

Ji Wook was waiting for Yeon Jae at the parking lot and when she saw him, she runs over and hugged him. They go to Eun Seok’s home but he didn’t open the door. After a few tries, Eun Seok opens the door and Yeon Jae gave him Hee Joo’s laptop where he watched the cartoons of them together. He was emotional and starts crying again.

Ji Wook drives her home and she said she wants to tell her mom about her condition. She asks him if he’ll help her and he held her hand. Her mom happily greets her and let’s her taste the food she cooked. Yeon Jae asks her to go on a boat trip with her.

So off they go to a night ride and her mom was really happy. They sat at the bank of the river and little by little she tells her everything about how much she loves her, etc. Her mom senses something’s not right so Yeon Jae tells her she has cancer. Her mom just looked at her in shock. END

My Thoughts:

Except for Ji Wook’s funny day care scenes, tonight’s episode was so sad. I think the writer used this episode to show us (and maybe somehow prepare us to the inevitable ending) how a dying person can touch other people’s heart. How that person deals with the remaining days she got. How it affects the people around her especially her loved ones.

I started watching this drama fully aware of the possibility that Yeon Jae will die. I would love to see how Yeon Jae prepares Ji Wook and her mom of her death. How she’ll not let them get hurt or feel pain. How she’ll make the remaining days of her life meaningful.

Expect the next episode to be full of tears and sadness now that her mother knows her condition. If you cried at the scene when Hye Won found out about her condition, then you’ll cry more with her mom.

[Screen cap source: TVU network streaming site or as tagged]

You Are So Beautiful – Xiah Junsu (Scent of a Woman OST Part 2)

You and I – MBLAQ (Scent of a Woman OST Part 1)

Better Tomorrow – SHES (Scent of a Woman OST Part 2)


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8 thoughts on “[KDrama – Scent of a Woman] Episode 14 Highlights/Recap

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  2. thank u very much for this recap…i already cried. so sad..i really want a happy ending, but how could it be when this episode is like this..this drama is so beautiful and inspiring…thanks a lot for bringing us this kind of drama…its really worth watching. Ji wook and yeon jae are so good , hope they can get an award for this..

  3. hi
    He was a chapter very strong and hard to see, far cry, and I was very sensitive to see it and sad, this drama is as real in all directions and all can be tomorrow in a situation so it is so difficult, I wept much, but it is under my responsibility I know. The beautiful and happy moments have balanced this sad drama and I know that he awaits us a next weekend with many feelings and strong. At the bottom of my heart I hope will give us a happy ending, but I do not see as God.

    Greetings to all

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