[KDrama – Scent of a Woman] Episodes 15 Highlights/Recap

There are different phases in which a person copes up when he/she learns that she’s dying and it also happens to the people around that person. The first phase is Shock – from learning you only have a few months to live and dying, second phase is Denial – unable to accept your fate, third phase is Realization – understanding your purpose and lastly, acceptance – embracing what was given or what you’ll be losing. I have seen all of these with how Yeon Jae’s mom dealt with the reality that her child is dying. I was able to watch the episode in it’s entirety and TVU network streaming didn’t disappoint me for airing a flawless episode. Here’s the highlights for episode 15.

Episode 15 Highlights:

Yeon Jae’s mom couldn’t believe what she was hearing and thinks that maybe the hospital’s diagnosis was wrong so she tugs Yeon Jae up to go to the hospital and verify but Yeon Jae didn’t budge. Realizing she’s not joking or lying, she let’s go of her hand and wails and after a few minutes leaves Yeon Jae alone. They were very quiet at the cab going home with Yeon Jae looking worried and goes inside her room in a daze not talking to her.

Ji Wook goes to Yeon Jae’s home the next day and they talk about how she told her mom her sickness, her reaction and how she went to work without talking to her. Ji Wook surprises Yeon Jae with a kiss before going to work.

Yeon Jae visits Eun Seok at home and they talk. I think she was convincing him to go back to work and asks him to be the one to explain to her Yeon Jae’s condition. While Yeon Jae’s mom was at work and remembers her daughter telling her condition and flashback of scenes where Yeon Jae was hinting that she could be dying.

She goes home and sees Yeon Jae drinking medicine and gets angry at her for not telling her sooner than she did. She falls on the floor crying when she learns that surgery is not an option to save Yeon Jae’s life.

Ji Wook and Yeon Jae are talking on the phone with Yeon Jae crying as she tells him how she’s in pain over her mom’s reaction and Ji Wook not able to do anything for her says I Love You.

Eun Seok is talking with his friend doctor and he goes back to work and tells the Director that he’s staying in that hospital. Yeon Jae’s mom is at her husband’s grave crying and talking to him. She tells him that he should’ve prevented Yeon Jae from getting sick because he’s in heaven and that she needs to accept her fate.

Yeon Jae goes to the hospital and was very happy when she sees Eun Seok came back. Eun Seok was looking for her mother so Yeon Jae tells him her mother’s reaction, then her mom arrives and she is ushered by Eun Seok to his office to explain Yeon Jae’s condition. She goes outside and sees Yeon Jae and they hugged and cried together while Eun Seok looks on.

Ji Wook gets a call from someone and I laughed when I saw him stand in attention (feet together) when he realizes the caller. It was Yeon Jae’s mom and they meet in a cafe. She asks him if he knew Yeon Jae was sick and will he break up because of that. Ji Wook assures mom that he loves Yeon Jae and that he’ll stick with her ’til the end. She tells him to take care of Yeon Jae.

She then meets up Mr. S (the teacher) and it sounded like she was breaking up with him because her daughter is sick. He didn’t understand what she was trying to tell him. Yeon Jae’s mom was reading something when Yeon Jae announces that Ji Wook came to visit.

Ji Woo happily shows them the certificate he got for the Wando vacation package. He brings Yeon Jae to her room with her mom’s encouragement. Once inside, he tells her he has a present and Yeon Jae playfully imitates him with the “ME” action. LOL! He even gives her a new mobile phone (it’s actually a couple phone) and even brags about the ringtone he made for them. Yeon Jae was so touched that she hugged him.

Ji Wook meets Se Kyung’s father and he wants Ji Wook to leave the country with Yeon Jae because his daughter will get sad if she sees them together. But Ji Wook declines and Se Kyung arrives telling his father that she’s okay and that she’s only annoyed at what happened.

Yeon Jae was trying to reconcile her mom and Mr. S and arranges for them to meet in a hotel but when her mom sees Mr. S, she politely says goodbye and left. Yeon Jae rans after her mother and they talk by the elevator arguing because Yeon Jae wants her to remarry but she refuses. Mr. S hears their conversation and the elders head outside to talk.

Yeon Jae and her mom were at the grave site offering flowers and alcohol to the dead then Mr. S arrives holding a flower. I think this scene is where Yeon Jae’s mom has finally accepted Mr. S’s love.

Yeon Jae goes to the tango class when Eun Seok arrives and asks her to dance. They danced the tango beautifully when Ji Wook arrives and frowns when he spots the two dancing but smiles when he sees them dancing like a professional. They talk on the table and I love how the two looked at Yeon Jae like they were mesmerized.

Mr. S meets Yeon Jae and she tears up when he tells her that he’s proposing to her mother. He asks for her permission which she gave while crying because of happiness. They’re now in a temple and after praying, Mr. S ask Yeon Jae’s mom if she can spend her life with him. I think the mom didn’t give her answer yet.

Mom, Yeon Jae and Ji Woo go to Jeju Island and the mother was ecstatic because their hotel room has a nice view of the beach. They went for a drive in the island, ate and took photos of them together. Yeon Jae and Ji Wook playing and walking on the shore (the spoiler photos).

Ji Wook and mom were at the balcony sipping their drinks when Ji Wook shows her photos of her bucket list. The mother cried when she saw the details and faked her smile when she sees Yeon Jae waving at them from afar.

That evening, Yeon Jae was grimacing in pain but dismisses it when her mother enters the room. She played with her on the bed tickling and stuff. Ji Wook hears their laughter outside the door and leaves. Yeon Jae wakes up from the stomach pain and she’s all sweaty.

Yeon Jae goes outside and fell on the floor while holding her tummy. Ji Wook who was roused on his sleep felt something and goes out of his room and finds Yeon Jae on the floor. She tells him to be quiet so they won’t wake her mom, unable to do something for her, Ji Wook hugged and comforted a suffering Yeon Jae. Her mom wakes up the next with Yeon Jae missing but stops when she sees her and Ji Wook sleeping together on the couch.

Yeon Jae’s mom sees Mr. S in the same hotel and the four of them went on separate dates. Yeon Jae and Ji Wook went on a bicycle ride and was sitting on the shore looking at the horizon when they suddenly hear the tango song and danced, hugged and kissed.

<<<<<<< THE END >>>>>>>

My Thoughts:

I was able to breathe a sigh of relief because this episode didn’t turn out the way I have anticipated – A SAD EPISODE but rather it was light-hearted with a little bit of sweet and cute scenes. I’ve noticed that the text preview was spot-on for the last 4 episodes.

I hate to say this but I guess Yeon Jae died (?) because I didn’t see Yeon Jae in the preview/ending part of the drama and there were 2 scenes in the preview that seems to support it: (1) Yeon Jae’s mom and Mr. S (teacher) were walking away in the hospital looking sad and (2) Ji Wook was looking at Yeon Jae’s photo in his cellphone looking really sad. Again those are just my speculation based on the video I’ve seen.

The most moving scene in this episode was the beginning scene where Yeon Jae’s mom wailed. I was teary eyed and just felt her pain. Her reaction was so damn real.

Tomorrow’s the final episode so make sure you watch the online live streaming and experience the thrill of seeing it live. Screen caps to follow ‘coz I need to edit it first. Done with screen caps.

[Streaming site: TVU Networks]

You Are So Beautiful – Xiah Junsu (Scent of a Woman OST Part 2)

You and I – MBLAQ (Scent of a Woman OST Part 1)

Better Tomorrow – SHES (Scent of a Woman OST Part 2)


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