[KDrama – Scent of a Woman] The Finale: Episode 16 Highlights/Recap

I am very anxious to see how the writer will end Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook‘s romance drama, Scent of a Woman. I almost failed to watch the live streaming tonight but luckily I got home just in time to see it. TVU networks live streaming was as smooth as silk tonight and I’m one happy camper. Here it goes:

Episode 16 Highlights:

Yeon Jae’s mom is all made up (make-up and clothes) and Yeon Jae couldn’t believe how beautiful her mom looked as she and Mr. S (the teacher) take their wedding photos along with a happy Yeon Jae and Ji Wook.

Back at home, Yeon Jae looks at their new family photo then gets the notebook where he wrote her bucket list and puts a smiling face on #13 which is to marry off her mother. GOOD JOB!

Yeon Jae visits Eun Seok and they talk outside the hospital. She tells him that her mom got married and Eun Seok was happy to hear it. Ji Wook looks at Yeon Jae and their photos together on his tablet PC at home and he looked sad. The doorbell rings and it’s Yeon Jae who brought groceries because he’s cooking for Ji Wook.

Ji Wook asks why she didn’t tell him her plans so that he could go with her shopping but she tells him that she remembered it was his wish for her to cook for him. They were really sweet with Ji Wook hugging her.

Team Leader was being interviewed because they got an award for their Wando trip package (could be the top selling travel package award). Yeon Jae calls his former Team Leader and they meet in a cafe. He apologizes for maltreating her before and she hands him a new tour proposal that she created when she thought about how she didn’t went on a trip when her father died. (Something like that ;)) Team Leader shows it to Ji Wook and he learns that it was Yeon Jae’s idea.

Yeon Jae and her parents were eating in a fancy restaurant and her mother was in awe of the food they ordered. She gets a call from Ji Wook and she meets him outside to talk. He asks why she didn’t give him the new proposal and offers her to go back to work but she declines saying she doesn’t want to bother the other people in the office when she’s sick.

Eun Seok and Ji Wook were at the bar drinking and he asks Eun Seok if it’s alright for Yeon Jae to work again. He tells him that the stress of working may not be helpful but if she wants to work then it’s alright.

Ji Wook shows his father the new tour proposal and tells him the idea was from Yeon Jae. He also tells his father that he wants her to work again in the office but his dad got mad telling him she’s dying so why would he want her to work. Ji Wook tells his father he is cruel for talking like that.

Yeon Jae goes back to work and her female co-employees weren’t happy to see her (I guess because they’re still not happy she got Ji Wook as her BF). But the tango dancer, Hye Won and Team Leader were happy to see her back.

They had a meeting about the new proposal and are on their way out waiting by the elevators when one elevator opens and inside was Ji Wook’s dad. He just looks at Yeon Jae and instructs his assistant to close the door.

The entire department is in a restaurant waiting for their food and the female employees starts accusing Yeon Jae of working and dating but Team Leader now defends Yeon Jae from them. Se Kyung talks to her father and asks him to leave her alone so she can start her life again and date like a normal girl would do.

She was walking towards Line Tour’s office when she hears 2 female employees talking about how she lost to Yeon Jae because Ji Wook is Yeon Jae’s boyfriend and not her. This irritates her but before she could confront the girls, Ji Wook called her name. They talked in his office and they shook hands (they’re restarting their relationship as business partners.)

Yeon Jae and Ji Wook are in the garden and she gives him a blue box. He opens it and sees a man’s clothing. He tells her it’s not his type but she told him it’s for his father. She tells him to give it to his father. When Ji Wook left, Yeon Jae lay on her bed and her mother panics when she sees her pale and sick, she tells her that she’s okay and that she’s just tired. Her mom just lay beside her instead.

Ji Wook at home looks at Yeon Jae’s gift and decides to give it to his father. His dad tosses it aside and continued drinking when he learns it was from Yeon Jae. He asks him why he likes someone like Yeon Jae who has cancer and isn’t pretty. He answers him that he makes her happy and sad. He also leaves a note written by Yeon Jae for his father on top of the gift. He greets his father Happy Birthday then left.

Everyone in the office are rejoicing as bookings for  Yeon Jae’s new tour package came in. Ji Wook hears this and offers to treat the entire team to food and drinks. Yeon Jae stands in the balcony and Ji Wook approaches and asks how she’s feeling. He tells her that if she wants to work again then he’ll take care of it since he’s the manager. He puts his arms around her shoulder and waist and Yeon Jae gets conscious as she tries to look around to see if there are other people.

They’re at the restaurant when one of the female employee asks Yeon Jae if she’s alright because she looked pale. Ji Wook was just listening and observing her. She excuses herself to the bathroom but she went outside and she was in pain and weak. Ji Wook goes after her and she collapses in his arms. Hye Won who also went outside sees what happened and Ji Wook instructs her to go back and pretend nothing happened.

Ji Wook rushes Yeon Jae to the hospital and we see Eun Seok running to the emergency room where a very weak and feverish Yeon Jae was lying. They immediately bring her for some tests. A worried Hye Won tells the entire department that Yeon Jae and Ji Wook went to the hospital.

Eun Seok comes out of the hallway after doing some tests on Yeon Jae and sees Ji Wook, her mother and stepfather waiting for him. They talk at his office and tells them the grim news. They won’t be able to do anything if Yeon Jae gets feverish the next time. The way I interpreted the diagnosis is that even if she gets treatment, she is still not assured of her recovery.

Eun Seok offers 2 treatment and her mom didn’t know what to choose so Ji Wook tells her that he’ll ask Yeon Jae her choice and to give her until the nexy day to decide. Her mom agrees and leaves the hospital almost collapsing to the floor, leaving Ji Wook to look after Yeon Jae the whole night.

Eun Seok looks at a sleeping Yeon Jae and remembers all the times they were together from the tango scene to the hallway scene when Hee Joo died. You can sense how worried he is for her and holds her hand.

Everyone in the office were worried about Yeon Jae and Se Kyung meets Ji Wook’s dad and learns that Yeon Jae was in the hospital. She visits her and sees the couple talking on the bed. Ji Wook leaves and Se Kyung apologizes about the ring incident and they talk about Ji Wook with Yeon Jae jokingly telling her that as long as she’s alive, Ji Wook is hers. The two women smile at each other.

Ji Wook is outside the hospital looking at the photos of Yeon Jae’s bucket list on his phone (particularly #16-18) while her mom at home was also looking at the bucket list on her notebook.

Eun Seok and Yeon Jae were talking when Ji Wook enters the room and asks permission for him to take Yeon Jae on a date since he’s her doctor. Ji Wook who was pushing Yeon Jae on a wheelchair brings her outside and tells her to think that tonight is Christmas. Once outside, snow begins to fall and Ji Wook plays a christmas song on his phone then kisses her. She asks him if she saw her bucket list and he said yes. She tells him she only has four left on that list and they’ll be doing it later – much later.

On their way in, they see Ji Wook’s dad talking to her mom and stepfather, Yeon Jae looked happy while Ji Wook looked touched. Ji Wook puts Yeon Jae to bed and he lays beside her and they cuddled up. Yeon Jae looked very tired and closes her eyes. Scenes from their wedding was shown and we hear Yeon Jae’s voice saying it’s only a dream, and if it is, she wants to sleep a little longer.

Yeon Jae starts sending gifts and letters to the people around her. Mr. S (the teacher) receives a box from Yeon Jae and inside were couple t-shirts for him and his wife. Hye Won gets a box full of baby clothes, the female co-workers get headbands and her black blouse, the tango instructor gets a new wig, the tango class gets new dance shoes, Team Leader gets medicine, the landlord gets a stuffed animal, Se Kyung gets Wilson’s ring, Ji Wook’s dad a pin/cuff links and Eun Seok a new doctor’s robe and thanks him for all he has done for her.

Ji Wook who moved into the house he showed Yeon Jae in the previous episode was in his study looking at Yeon Jae’s bucket list. He writes something on #20. He goes outside and we see Yeon Jae in the garden planting a small plant (I think it’s the one that Ji Wook gave her). Turns out they moved in together.

They go somewhere and talks to a guy who says it will not work (I think they’re looking for treatments to her cancer) and ends up in the hospital where we see her talking to a young patient and Ji Wook and Eun Seok on the bench talking.

They visit her parents at home playing with the landlord and they were all happy. Yeon Jae’s mom even feeds Ji Wook with a fruit. Yeon Jae goes outside and sits at the river bank holding her bucket list notebook. She flips through the pages and sees Ji Wook’s handwritten message to her on #20. She writes #21 on the next page but didn’t show what she wrote. We hear her voice over saying that she was only given 6 months to live but here she is 7 months and 2 weeks later still alive.

Ji Wook sits beside her and he asks if she’s happy and what they should be doing tomorrow. He hugs her and they both look out the river.

<<<<<<< THE END >>>>>>>

My Thoughts:

Ah what do you expect from a typical Korean drama – it was an open ending! We are all left wondering what would happen to Yeon Jae and Ji Wook in the future? I hate this kind of endings because we are left to think with our imagination. It’s like the writer telling us this is what’s happening go ahead and figure what happens next!

I thought it was a tear-jerking episode but my eyes were dry the whole time. In my opinion, it wasn’t one of the best endings but at least she didn’t die right before our eyes and she was able to make peace with Se Kyung and Ji Wook’s father. I was disappointed but nonetheless Scent of a Woman is still included in my list of favorite dramas.

Episode-wise, I like episode 14 more especially when Hee Joo died because the emotions were pure and the actors were able to touch the viewer’s hearts with their acting. A finale should be just like that and episode 16 lacks it and was kind of boring for me. This reminds me of what I felt when I watched City Hunter’s finale episode, everyone were so hyped up about the ending and when it finally aired, it went PFFTTT… I was like “WAS THAT THE ENDING?”

Anyway, kudos to Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook for a job well done. It’s not your fault that the ending sucked but I am hoping to see both of you again in a drama or movie together. Adios fellow SOAWers!

[Streaming site and screen cap source: TVU Networks]

You Are So Beautiful – Xiah Junsu (Scent of a Woman OST Part 2)

You and I – MBLAQ (Scent of a Woman OST Part 1)

Better Tomorrow – SHES (Scent of a Woman OST Part 2)


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8 thoughts on “[KDrama – Scent of a Woman] The Finale: Episode 16 Highlights/Recap

  1. OH! miracle. I always pray. I start watching this series after I followed the news of Kim Sun Ah after On air one week. I’m start to like this series (make me happy, cry, funny) because Kim Sun Ah worked hard to lose weight for “Lee Yeon Jae” (Kim Sam Soon, she’s added weight). Kim Sun Ah is the best actress in my heart. Because Lee Dong Wook (My girl) makes me want to see the results of their work. I was not disappointed. Kim Sun Ah & Lee Dong Wook is the cutest couple. The hard work of staff and a Team of “Scent Of A Woman”. I see that they focus on the details of each scene. Scene and mood. The music is composed. It make me feel to the scene. “Scent Of A Woman” is the best Drama. Thanks lot for Kim Sun Ah, Lee Dong Wook, the staff and Team “Scent Of A Woman”. There is nothing to replace it. 🙂

  2. What do you mean open ending? It’s clear she is going to die. And that she has some years or months to die, how is this open ending? It’s better than making her die before our eyes and then show a devasted Ji wook…

    Btw the song in your blog is awesome! So pretty ^^~~

    • @Lizzie: Hi! What I meant of the “open ending” is that since there’s no definite, specific, concise explanation as to how the characters end up. We know that she’s sick and is still dying but when or how we don’t know. The scenario that was given to us opens up to a lot of possibilities (making it an open ending) like a sequel I guess where Yeon Jae miraculously gets rid of her cancer and she lives happily ever after with Ji Wook or she dies and Ji Wook marries another woman. Remember the main plot of this drama is about a “dying woman” but did the writer properly address the resolution of the plot? In a way yes but inconclusively or hanging. So for me I consider the finale an open ending. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  3. i kinda like that ending …just tired of crying. I am glad that the last episode was not as draining as the other ones. Now we can all have our own happy or sad ending. Thanks so much for the recap.

  4. I definitely like the ending. It somehow gives us hope and all we need to do just to risk and fight for what we want… Truly, the writers, directors, actors, and actresses are doing great job. I will truly miss this ending. This is my number one drama for 2011. I just love how KSA and LDW’s acting in SOAW. Thanks for the recap:)

  5. I think what the writer was trying to convey was that even with the certainty of death, one should not stop looking and hoping for tomorrow. The message is very positive. how ironic it is that cancer brought life to Yeon Jae and living life to it’s fullest, it might be for a day, a month or a lifetime. The ending shows that no matter what happens, her and the people she loves will have no regrets as they’ve fully embrace living and doing so with your love ones. To show her dying in physicality just won’t do the drama justice.

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