I have been receiving a lot of questions about my blog site and thought that it would be right for me to create an FAQ page to answer them. So here it goes:

1. Do you understand Korean?

– I have limited knowledge of the language but I am currently studying how to read and write Hangul. I have improved dramatically when it comes to identifying certain words or phrases.

2. How do you choose the drama or movie that you’ll watch?

– Well, I have to consider 3 things before I decide if it’s worth watching. First I look at the cast, the storyline and the writer. The show should satisfy at least 2 out of the three categories before I deem it watchable.

3. What are your Top 5 TV dramas?

– That’s a tough question! Okay here’s my top 5 dramas: 1) Secret Garden, 2) Prosecutor Princess, 3) Full House, 4) Delightful Girl Chun Hyang and 5) My Girl/My Princess.

4. Whose your favorite KDrama couple?

– It’ll definitely be Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won! I just love their on-screen chemistry. I also love Park Shi Hoo and Kim So Yeon from the drama Prosecutor Princess.

5. How often do you post articles on your blog?

– I try to post on a daily basis but sometimes I get so busy that there were times I’m inactive for a few days or weeks.

6. How would you describe the content of your blog?

– Well the tag line along the blog site’s header says it all: “It’s everything KOREAN plus a little bit of everything on the side.”

7. What are your future plans for this site?

– I want it to be a one-stop site for Asian Drama and Asian Pop lovers where they can find the latest updates and news about their favorite Asian artists.

8. Are you open to other people posting articles or recaps on your blog site?

– YES! I encourage everyone to share any articles or news they have so we can share it with the readers. There are certain rules that they need to follow before I post an article and the content should be subject to my approval. If you’re interested, all you need to do is e-mail me the article together with the link of your source. You’ll be given proper credit for any contribution you submit.

9. How does your site cater to the non-English readers?

– I have thought about that issue and decided that if I want to extend my reach to a bigger audience then I have to think of a solution. My site can be translated to more than 40 languages using Google translate. You can see it at the right hand portion below the reader’s comment. All you need to do is click on the desired language and a new page will pop-up with the translated page.

10. Where do you usually get your articles?

– I have a lot of sources like allkpop, Soompi, Viki, Nate, Baidu, koreandrama.org and asianfanatics to name a few. I also get some of my materials from other bloggers who share the same passion. As for videos, my top sources will be Tudou and YouTube.

11. How come you’re not doing episode highlights anymore?

– Doing a recap of an episode is time consuming. The screencaps alone take me at least 2-3 hours to capture and edit plus the time it takes for me to download the entire episode. I might resume posting episode highlights this May and will choose from the new dramas premiering.

12. Besides blogging, what do you do in your everyday life?

– I spend most of my day at home where I do my work. I’m currently a freelance Virtual Assistant, a wife and a mother to a 6-year old active girl.

13. What is the fastest way to reach you?

– The fastest way is to tweet me @2happysworld2 since I’m always online. You can also email me at nerak2navtario@yahoo.com or call me at Skype, username is happy22qt.

14. How do you choose the articles you post online?

– All the articles I posted online are those that I’m interested in, that I like, that I know and which will stir a reader’s imagination.

15. Do you have any message to your readers?

– I DO! Thank you guys for spending your time reading my posts. It feels really good that other people were enjoying what I have written. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions because it will give me an idea on the areas that needs more improvement. Feel free to link my site to your site and use some of my site’s content for as long as you give me proper credit as courtesy.


6 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I realllyyyy enjoy the songs you have here, current songs from our fav dramas. Thank you so much. The sound quality is very good too. I usually listen to these songs while doing my makeup or surfing. It’s such a pleasure. 🙂

  2. Hi, I’ve just started a blog about Korean drama. Even though there aren’t too many posts at this time, I’m sure its quality can satisfy any reader. Can I be added to your blogroll? Of course I’ll do the same too xD Thank you very much in advance!

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