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23 thoughts on “Korean Drama

  1. You can access my blog site with an iPhone. If you try to open it with a Safari browser, it will automatically take you to the mobile version of WordPress which only include like a summary of the posts (less the sidebar and the footer) but if you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll see there an option to view it as a full page/site. Just click on that option and you’ll be seeing the full site with the sidebars and the footers. I have tested it using my iPod Touch so it’ll work with a more advanced gadget like iPhone.

    • thanks 4 interesting site. i don’t see ‘lie to me’ in ur collection was hoping could download from here

  2. Last Episode Part 3 – It’s obvious Ki Joon’s is in a different tshirt before he enters Ah Jung’s place and after he entered her place he’s in a different tshirt.

  3. Lie to Me made a difference due to its background songs. Most songs are in Korean not English. Most people are affected in various way with L2M including me.. in a good way. Tho there r bloopers here and there I believe the L2M team worked very hard. Congrats 2 those involved in L2M.

  4. i would recomend “Warrior Baek dong soo ” and “iljimae” and “chuno -the slave hunter” THOSE ARE AMAAAAAZING DRAMAS XD

  5. I like your site and the songs. Pity you could not share the videos of the drama as well. Am currently watching The Princess’ Man and could not find episodes 13 onwards on dramaloads. Do you have any to site to recommend ?


    • @Scopio: Thanks for visiting my site! I can’t post the videos here ‘coz WordPress will block my site if they receive DMCA take down notices. What I can do for you guys is recommend other streaming sites. I usually watch english subbed dramas either on Vikii (I can watch videos in Vikii because I’m a qualified contributor), jacinda 1st or natnatvip. If you read the previous comments, other readers are recommending epdrama.com to watch The Princess’ Man. You can try and tell me if it’s not working for you so I can look for other streaming sites. Hope this helps!

  6. Hi there, happy22qt!! nice to hear from you and thanks for the suggestion! Epidrama is showing episode 12 too, so looks like the rest of the epi are still not available. I usually watch at mysoju or dramaload.com…Are the shooting of the drama complete or still in progress? I’m dying to see the rest !! 🙂 )

    • @Scopio: What I know is that The Princess’ Man is still shooting the remaining episodes. The next episodes will be very interesting so don’t miss it. ‘Til the next…

      • ya, found out they are airing 13-14 currently in Korea and one of co-lead (the princess) was involved in an accident, so there might be some delay to filming…anyway catch wait for the newest upload… 🙂

  7. Hi Happy, not sure if you do follow the princess’s man but i just caught the latest 15-16 episodes last night and wanted to drop in to share with u my views….was rather disappointed cause GSJ is brainy enough to scheme to help the young emperor (instead just wallow in his vengence), however, was pretty impressed by the princess’s SY’s guts as she stood up to her father and hold her morale…worth admiring… 🙂

    • @scopio: Hello! I do follow TPM and I read the recaps in Soompi but I haven’t watched the recent episodes (I think I’m still in episode 13 – I need to catch up!). I agree with you on your opinion about Se Ryung for standing up for what she thinks is right and refusing to follow her fathers wishes. If you’ve seen the preview for episode 18, Se Ryung asks Seung Yoo to live with her to an island because she learns that he is planning on killing her father. What she’s doing is killing 2 birds with one stone, she saves both her father and Seung Yoo from danger. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about TPM, hope to hear from you again… 🙂

  8. ya, she is the brainy one…thinks with her head and heart…..can’t wait to see the rest, hope there’s a twist and maybe not too sad ending….?

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