[KDrama – Secret Garden] Episode 18 Highlights

TANTARARAN! If you could only see me guys as I’m watching tonight’s episode, I was like holding onto the sides of my table so tightly it turned red anticipating what will happen to our favorite couple. JEEZ!

I am one lucky camper tonight because our couple already woke up in their own bodies. I hope that’s the last time we see of the “soul-swapping” thing because it really is confusing not only to watch but also to write in a post.

I thought that the “amnesia thing” was so like “Boys Over Flowers” but I kinda like it here because at least it’s not Ra Im whose totally running after Joo Won and that the one who has amnesia was willing to remember the one he has forgotten.

Expect to see a lot of scenes from previous episodes tonight especially the “walking side-by-side” scene. I thought I’ve seen the last of the “sparkly” tracksuit but I was wrong and the scene where he was showing her the label of the jacket was shown again, I guess old habits die hard. 🙂

Here it goes, Episode 18 Highlights:

This is after the switch when Ra-Won (Ra Im in Joo Won’s body) woke up and became aware of the switch. She cried and went to his room to check on him. Both Oska and Jong Soo knew of the switch.

Joo-won’s mom locked him up in the house and had bodyguards stationed over so he cannot go out especially to the hospital. But Ra-won was worried about Joo-im’s (Joo Won in Ra Im’s body) condition that she fought with the guards so she can get out. His maid gave her a stack of his mails and later she found the letter he wrote for her. Inside the car, she (in her own body) read the letter and cried so hard that she went to the hospital to see him.

Now this is the magical part of the episode. Remember about Ah Young’s dream about Joo Won and Ra Im in a table with a 3rd person, well it was the latter’s father and he was holding a red or pinkish liquid in a bottle. Both of them dressed nicely and Gil Ra Im looking pretty.

He pours the liquid on their glasses and as they drank it, he told them that the magic is over and that it was for the people who met at their first handshake. Her father disappears and rose petals started falling from the sky.

Back to the hospital, monitor starts to alarm and we see both of them in bed suddenly opening their eyes and wakes up. Ra Im was relieved to learn she’s back to her own body. The camera showing petals on both the couple’s rooms. It’s a different story for Joo Won who woke up to his self as a 21-year old and with no memory of Ra Im.

Unaware of what’s happening, Ra Im went to Joo Won’s home to see him and was shocked to know that he doesn’t know her that even Oska and Ji Hyun (the doctor) was surprised with this revelation. But he told Oska that the name Gil Ra Im was the first thing he thought when he woke up.

So this is one of the replay scenes, the only difference was that she was wearing hospital pajamas. This would be like the third time that they walked side-by-side.

This is when Joo Won visited Ra Im in the hospital bringing a tray full of food with candles on it (Gee that’s tacky!). I love their conversation here and the look on her face says it all.

Here’s another cute scene! There was a welcome back party thrown by the stunt men for Ra Im after she was discharged from the hospital. The jealous side of Joo Won still shows even if he’s amnesiac because he didn’t like it when he saw Jong Soo hugging Ra Im.

He had her followed so he knew where the action school is located. She didn’t like it and tried kicking him but he took a step backward (HAH! I guess even his body remembers) and she missed. He tried showing the label of his tracksuit (another replay) but she just hugged him. He was surprised at first but ended up hugging her back.

Ra Im went to talk to his mother and told her that she’ll never leave him. She even asked her to give Joo Won to her and that she’ll protect and love him. This made the mother more angry.

The latter parts of the episode were so cute and sweet especially the last scene where he was asking her to live with him. I kinda have a feeling that he already remembers her and was just faking it as an excuse so she can live with him. I love Hyun Bin‘s version of “That Man” because it really matches the mood of the scene.

Thank you writer Kim Eun-sook for keeping your word! I hope more cute and sweet scenes in the next episode and just wondering when will you show their new home complete with glass walls? Hehehe just asking!

[Screen caps: tudou and Photos: Nate/as labeled]


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4 thoughts on “[KDrama – Secret Garden] Episode 18 Highlights

    • No problem! I’m glad some people appreciate what I do. I’ll be starting a new drama very soon, it’s a Korean drama entitled My Princess hope you’ll read it. Thanks for the comment!

  1. I will watch it, too. But it’ll be a lot later^^ Will look forward to your posts on it.
    Btw, are you also watching Athena: Goddess of War?

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